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Name The Tower

Formerly known by most local folks as the Chase Tower, the tallest building in Richland County lost it's name when the bank moved out of the building in October of 2015. Since then, the tower has been without an official name except for the original name "Farmers Bank Building" that is still etched into the stone above the arched entry.

Kurt Stimens, the building's owner wants to give the building a new name that can remain the same regardless of who it's anchor tenant might be. Mid Ohio Marketing is hosting a contest to give our city's tallest skyscraper it's new identity. We will collect the suggestions, post them here for public view, and then forward all of them to Mr. Stimens at the end of the month. He will decide on five finalists from all of the entries submitted, and those five will be published here for a week of voting. Prizes will be awarded to all of the five finalists according to how they place in the voting.

(as of April 9, 2016)

  • Farmers Bank Building (Current Name)
  • Park Tower

When you submit your suggestion for the Name The Tower contest, you have a chance to win some really neat prizes that are being provided by our generous advertising sponsors. There are lots of gift cards and certificates as well as specific product prizes that will be awarded. All you have to do to be eligible is send in your name suggestion for review and possible selection.

We are continuing to solicit our advertisers and collect as many prizes as possible to give away in this contest. The total value of prizes awarded cannot be determined until the contest is over.

Prize pool will be divided by a percentage of value scaled according to the outcome of the final vote. First Prize receives a 50% portion, Second Prize gets 20%, Third Prize Gets 15%, Fourth Place gets 10%, and Fifth Place gets 5%. In addition to winning some really nice prizes, you could also be helping to create a new moment in Mansfield's history. The tower is almost 90 years old and has a rich history as being a premier banking facility, and at a current occupancy of around 80%, has a promising future as a more business professionals decide to call the tower home.


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