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If you want to learn how to make money selling online but don't know how to go about it, let us help. Get registered for Mid Ohio Marketing's e-commerce workshop. We'll show you everything you need to know to get started selling on sites like e-Bay, Amazon.com, Etsy, Ruby Lane, and others. Before the end of the workshop, you will have set up your own eBay account, PayPal account, and will have created your own actual live listing of an item you want to sell.


  • Locate Things That Are Proven Sellers
  • Find Places To Sell Those Things
  • Set Up A PayPal To Accept Online Payments
  • Figure Out How Much To Charge For Your Items
  • Take Quality Photos Of Your Items
  • Write Item Descriptions That SELL!

  • Package & Ship Your Items Properly


This workshop is conducted by two local eBay Power Sellers who represent hundreds of thousands of dollars in online sales over the past many years. We also have guest professionals who are marketing gurus and social media experts. Together, with our presenters, we offer a combined total of nearly 50 years of experience.

We are NOT going to show you how to "get rich quick" on the internet. What we WILL show you is a practical way to work at building a successful internet business from the ground up. There is a lot of money to be made online, but you have to know how to get your hands on some of it. And, like any other source of income, you will have to work for it, and fight to keep your share.

There's plenty of competition out there, but we'll show you some inside secrets on how to play the game that will save you a ton of time and money that we already spent getting to where we are now. Our combined online selling experience is over 30 years, and together we have posted tens of thousands of successful product listings. We have also been selling on our own websites since the internet first began.

We'll show you how to successfully sell on e-Bay, Amazon.com, Etsy, Ruby Lane, and other established online sales venues, and we'll even show you how you can make money with your own website. You will also learn many other important aspects of e-commerce such as shipping, inventory, customer service, social media marketing, advertising, how to get paid, etc. If you need additional training, we also offer reasonably priced private one-on-one tutoring sessions that are focused on subject matter you want to learn more about.

This workshop is conducted by two professionals who make a comfortable living selling merchandise on the internet. They are both are E-Bay Power Sellers, Amazon.com merchants, and have a combined total of about 40 years in other overall internet sales experience. You'll learn inside secrets from them and other experts who will show you shortcuts that will save you lots of time and make you profitable faster.

The 12 hour workshop is held over a four week period in 3 hour sessions. Sessions are held on Tuesday evenings from 6 PM til 9 PM in the Mid Ohio Marketing conference room located on the 7th floor of the Farmers Bank Building (formerly known as the Chase Tower) in downtown Mansfield, Ohio.

The first session is a FREE 2-hour orientation, and it is open to the first 25 people who register to attend. It is an informational event to let you know what we can teach you and to prove that we know what we are doing. This will give you the opportunity to decide whether to pay and attend the workshop sessions without having to worry about wasting your money.

Cost for the entire 12-hour workshop is only $179. We accept cash, check, money order, credit/debit cards and PayPal. Payment is due prior to the start of the first session if you wish to continue. To make sure we don't overcrowd the class and sacrifice the quality of everyone's learning experience, only ten seats are available for the course.

Seats are sold on a first come-first paid basis, so it is advisable to come prepared to pay at the end of the free orientation session if you don't want to miss out. If all ten spaces become taken, or if you need to wait a month before you are ready to continue, you can pay a $50 deposit to reserve a confirmed seat for the next available seat.

NO CELL PHONES PERMITTED DURING WORKSHOP HOURS. We do not want any distractions, so you must turn your phone OFF during the course period. There will also be no texting or online messaging tolerated during class. We have a lot of material to present and a limited amount of time to do it in. If you want to learn, you'll need to stay focused.

You must provide your own laptop computer in order to be successful in this course. This is a hands-on experience and we want you to succeed. If you don't have a laptop of your own, borrow one for these three evenings, or at least for the last two. A tablet will not be sufficient to do the work you'll need to do. We will provide everything else you'll need for the course.



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